Hello to everybody reading this, and thank you in advance for showing interest.

As the tagline states, this is my first experience of blogging, and, with my final year of a university writing course just getting underway, I thought this would be a great way for me to set myself up with an online presence for the future.

Whether I manage to keep this regularly updated or not, I’m aiming to use the blog for a number of things.

1 – to record my writing experiences throughout my year long writing project. I’ve chosen to write a novel, so all the ups, downs, problems and general thoughts should be on here at some point.

2 – to share my thoughts on any books I’ve read recently or my favourites which I think people should know about.

3 – I’ll include details about my writing process, environment and inspirations which people can compare their own against.

I hope you all enjoy sharing these first steps into (I hope) proper authorship with me!




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