I’m sure many people have battled this fiend at some point or another, particularly when something important needs doing. In an effort to be more social as a house this year, my housemates and I decided that we would compete in our own version of The Great British Bake off every Sunday. This week, we made pasties.

All very well and good, until I realised at around 5pm that I’d done minimal writing today and really needed to crack on. So I sat down at my computer, turned it on and checked my emails. Immediately found several important ones which needed replying to ASAP. Twenty minutes and several emails later, I checked the BBC website for the latest news and realised I was missing the Cricket World T20 Final commentary, so I started listening to that.

Dinner time came and went.

Offers of a film being watched in a housemates room were extended. (Thankfully I managed to impose the need to work upon myself at this point!)

And now at 1.40am I’ve finally found the feeling of having been productive today – I completed something I started work on yesterday, and sorted out some plot details for a piece of coursework.

Admittedly this has no bearing on an 80,000 word novel, but here comes the brilliant news. Without realising it, I’ve already written 10,800 words of my novel over the past few months! While obviously this is only a small part of the whole project, and I’m hoping that I won’t allow myself to become complacent because of it, 10,800 words is about 4000 more than I’d expected.

Here’s hoping for a more productive next week.

Sleep well!


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