Technology Issues

Ever since I bought my latest laptop in December last year, I’ve been having problems with the power and the fan. Two people who know much more about computing than I do advised me NOT to get an Acer. Which is exactly what I then went and did.

Apparently, Acer are renowned for overheating problems.

Anyway, the specs for this laptop are very impressive, especially when compared to my last one, which was about 5 years old. The problems I’ve been encountering with this Acer are that the fan seems to do little or nothing to cool the laptop down. So now and then, and particularly during Summer, it just overheats and then cuts out. No warning, nothing to say, I’m getting too hot, maybe do something about it.

Just completely cuts out. Needless to say, this got very old very quickly, particularly when I was in the middle of writing.

These power losses eventually resulted in some sort of problem with microsoft word as well, which now refuses to open without telling me it has a fault in the archives or something like that, and doesn’t work at all sometimes. Thank God Open Office is free software.

So I decided that enough is enough. I’m sending it to Acer to try and see if they can sort it out for me or replace the laptop. I bought myself a 500gb external harddrive to back up all my files on. I then bought myself a brand spanking new Asus tablet, so that I can continue with my writing coursework while my laptop is away.

Here comes the fun part.

My tablet refuses to recognise Open Office files, and won’t sync any word documents from my laptop when I plugged it in. There’s also nowhere on the tablet to hook it up to my 500gb harddrive. So what I’m now having to do is:

– save all my files from Open Office into .doc Word files
– upload the above files onto dropbox
Then on my tablet:
– download all of the above files
– open them in the android standard word document editor, Polaris, and work that way.

As soon as University is finished and I move home, I’m buying myself a desktop computer. No more fussing about with laptops overheating or tablets not running the same operation system.

I’m already looking forward to the return of my laptop, because trying to type at the same speed I usually do with a keyboard is just impossible on a touchscreen.

In other news, I’m keeping up with my word count for my project.
After talking to my tutor, we agreed that I should make the swap from my science fiction piece to my fantasy piece which I was already writing for my Commercial Fiction module.

It’s been three weeks since I started working on it and I’ve written 12,000 words as of tonight, so thus far I’m managing my 4,000 words per week.

This will probably become more challenging from this week onwards however, due to my first coursework deadlines looming and trips home for family events in November.

Heres to hoping my next blog entry will contain more good news.



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