Catching Up

So after my mutiny before Christmas, I settled down while on holiday in France.

While also spending Christmas out in the Alps and doing a lot of skiing, I also made myself write 12,000 words in 12 days on holiday. Including a day when I had a lie in until 10.30am, went skiing for 4 hours, and still managed to write 2,500 words. Probably the most productive I’ve ever been, and it happened on holiday!

The real issue came when we arrived back home. I just couldn’t make myself work again. I spent another week doing nothing, and then the week after that was spent working in an office for some money – after all, I’m still a poor student *cue clichés about students with no money*. So by the time I returned to university, I had allowed myself to slip 8,000 words behind on word count TWICE in one month. I’m still trying to play catch-up even now, but I’m being a bit more generous and allowed myself an extra week, so I can write 12,000 words again in 14 days, rather than 8,000 in 7 days.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never really had to work hard at home, but I’m definitely finding that I’m at my most productive AWAY from my bedroom at home. My bedroom in my student house is a good place for work, as I’ve spent many a long night until my word count has been achieved.

On another plus note though, I’ve now reached 52,977 words, with another 7 weeks until my deadline of 4th March – 24 days before my project hand-in date. So, with 7 weeks to write another 27,023 words, for a minimum of an 80,000 word novel, I’m feeling pretty confident. Yes I have many other pieces of coursework which will require my attention, but now that I’m so far into the story (in terms of words, even if not plot itself) I’m enjoying writing the story a lot more than I was at the start. My characters are shaping up nicely, and I feel that I know the two main characters fairly well. Obviously, it’s still in the first draft form of my first ever novel, but still.

It feels nice to be able to say I’m nearly a novelist!

On a different topic from writing, does anyone else wish that people wouldn’t introduce them to new TV series while they’re in the middle of working? A friend of mine suggested I watch Suits, a TV show about New York corporate lawyers. Think the slickness of Ocean’s 11 dialogue and the legal accuracy and intrigue of The West Wing, and you’ve got something close to how good Suits is. My only issue now is that, now I’ve caught up with all the previous episodes, I have to wait until next week for the next one!



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