Writing Project

So for my third year writing project, I chose to set myself a challenge –

I will write a novel of between 60,000 and 80,000 words.
I will write a full second draft of the whole novel, time providing.
I will edit the first three chapters to a high standard.
I will compose a book proposal and send it off to a literary agent.

This blog is my means of keeping a record of any and all developments, problems and general thoughts of my project as I go along.

I started writing the novel in June 2012, and so far have about 6 chapters, around 6000 words. This has been mainly due to the fact that I was working over the summer holidays, and was involved in a play as well, which severely limited the amount of time I could commit to writing rather than rehearsals or learning lines.

To ensure that I reach 80,000 words within the time I’ve allotted myself, I’m aiming to write around 4000 words per week, starting on the 8th Oct 2012 (Monday).

From here onwards, I’ll be trying to use this blog, rather than a word document, to keep record of my progress, so I hope that everyone finds it interesting!


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